EthiVegan by Edward Daniel

What price; the planet. – Migration of this website


Hi Everyone

New and old followers who have joined me on my quest to make this world a better, richer and vibrant place.

I have now migrated this blog t0

This will therefore be my last post on this website.  Please refer to this new website for further recipes, insights and interviews.

It has been really wonderful as I have been meeting some of my followers – without you, I would not be here being spurred to write and contribute more recipes and be inspired to create even new ones.

This journey to date has been amazing – not only am I discovering new ingredients but also new ways of cooking food by adopting a vegan diet.

Ironically, I have lost weight and my friends say my skin is looking shiny and healthy.  I am also enjoying the fact that food does not stay in my intestines or system for as long, making me feel lighter and more energetic to do things.

Of course, food is no compensation for life and its little misdemeanours, but good and enriching food does make the world a better place.

Along my spiritual growth, I have developed a passion for animals and their welfare – and the undue suffering inflicted on them.  This was not my objective in adopting a vegan diet. Perhaps, this has been my greatest lesson; a compassion for all living things that have a right to share in this wonderful world that we have.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon and please leave any comments.

Edward Daniel



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