EthiVegan by Edward Daniel

What price; the planet.

About Ethivegan

  • Have you noticed that you are becoming sensitive to food?
  • Do you have a strong desire to alter your diet?

Ethivegan is about our spiritual growth and spirituality.

I believe that the Earth’s vibrational frequency has changed in the last couple of years. This change in vibrational frequency is having a dramatic impact on the planet.

I believe too that there has been in a shift in consciousness.  There is a new and spontaneous consciousness that is emerging across the globe as well

As the Earth has raised her vibrational frequency, so we are able to integrate more of the soul into the body.

Individually, each of us has been presented with a choice.

In this process, the soul in working in tandem with the body is giving us signs to alter our diet, so that we can hold and radiate more light and harness even greater energy.

I believe we can facilitate this further integration of the soul into the body, if we wish too, by adopting a simpler diet – a non-dairy/non-meat diet.

I believe we no longer require a heavy, laden food that comes from animals – apart from the ethics of eating meat.

Ethivegan is about veganism and celebrates:

  • Recipes – for terrific and scrumptious food;
  • Interviews – with amazing vegan leaders who are making veganism accessible; and,
  • My own journey and reflections.

The way we formulate and view relationships with others is changing with the change vibrational frequency – it is circular – our vibrational frequency is rising – old friends will move away and new people will begin to enter our lives.

Imagine a life where we are able to manifest our ideas; our dreams.

Imagine a life where we are able to learn the lessons that affect our karma.

Imagine a life we are able to create new realities – attracting new opportunities….

Of course, life can be challenging.

Of course, life can be tough.

But there is a way, don’t be afraid of using your personal power to achieve your goals.

And, of course, this is my personal view.

Ethiveganism; it’s a life choice.


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